And if this year, you decided to leave the greyness and the monotony of France for Christmas?

Hot and sunny or cold and exotic, many destinations are particularly suitable for end-of-year celebrations.

From Lapland to Thailand via New York, here are four ideas for destinations to celebrate Christmas away from home!

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1. In New York, it’s Christmas time!

1. In New York, it

New York represents a dream destination omnipresent in the culture across the Atlantic.

For the end-of-year celebrations, the American metropolis offers a host of amenities and exotic activities.

On the program: an ice rink at the foot of the Rockefeller Center fir tree, concerts in Central Park, animated showcases on the side of Time Square… And a festive atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else!

2. In Thailand, in a t-shirt under the sun

2. In Thailand, in a t-shirt under the sun

Do you dream of swapping fir and snowman for a sandy beach and coconut palms? Direction the beaches of Southern Thailand.

Winter is the ideal time to go to Southeast Asia and celebrate the end-of-year celebrations in a new way, in the Tropics. Here, the magic of Christmas is first of all that of the illuminations, decorations and animations.

And above all, it’s hard not to succumb to this strange and pleasant feeling of spending Christmas in a t-shirt!

3. In Lapland, in the country of Santa Claus

3. In Lapland, in the country of Santa Claus

Who has never dreamed of spending the holiday season in the country of Santa Claus. It is at the end of December that the magic of Northern Europe takes on its full meaning. Visit Rovaniemi, the famous village of Santa Claus, and try out all kinds of winter activities under the northern lights. On the program: snowshoe hikes, dog sled rides, ski descents…

4. In Australia it’s Christmas in songs

4. In Australia it

Experience a Christmas like no other by flying to Australia. Like almost everywhere in the world, the Christmas tradition is deeply rooted in manners, even if it is not uncommon to celebrate the end of year celebrations in swimsuits.

We are particularly fond of Christmas carols and we traditionally enjoy a bone-in ham cooked with honey and a candied fruit pudding!

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