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Watch: Fall Commercial Crime Webinar Series – Carbon Credit Fraud – The Last Word?

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On November 17, 2021, Kevin Dent QC, Andrew Evans, Danielle Barden and expert Louis Redshaw presented our Business Crime Team webinar, as part of our fall webinar series.

Fall Economic Crime Series – Carbon Credit Fraud – The Last Word?

Kevin Dent QC, Andrew Evans and Danielle Barden (Disclosure Advisor) recently successfully concluded a 4 month lawsuit regarding carbon credit fraud. Louis Redshaw was the prosecution expert in the case.

Following COP26, the focus is currently on climate change and the use of market-based solutions, such as carbon offsets, to mitigate carbon emissions and enable companies to achieve carbon neutrality. or the “net zero” status. This webinar examines whether this may lead to increased risks of fraudulent abuse of carbon markets, however, and what can be done to mitigate those risks.

The webinar looks back at what could be considered the ‘first wave’ of carbon credit fraud, between 2010 and 2015 or so, and examines whether there is potential for a new ‘second wave’ of more sophisticated and longer fraud. large scale.

The first wave included sophisticated “clearing and settling” systems for victim payments. Is it possible to develop or use such systems in the future?

Furthermore, what are the challenges for investigators when they embark on investigations into such behavior and also for those who seek to represent individuals accused of wrongdoing in carbon markets?

The seminar is aimed at anyone involved in carbon credit fraud investigations from a legal perspective (whether defending and prosecuting) and also those working within carbon markets. and who seek to keep abreast of potential problems and risks.