Car loan for retirees

Possibility: car loan for pensioners

Retirees also need a mobile base

Retirees also need a mobile base

Is a car loan wise for retirees?

Many retirees today are still brought up in such a way that they would not take out a loan anyway because if they bought a car they would use their savings, but on the other hand there are modern seniors who go with the times and say that they are cheaper Credit is also a way of financing the new car, so if retirees want to take out a car loan, the priority for them is to find a bank that also lends to senior citizens and has set the age limits accordingly.

The question of the level of interest and loan costs then loses importance, but in most cases the car loan for retirees is approved if a younger family guarantee is included in the contract. This can be the son or the daughter and also a grandson. In order not to overload the guarantor too much, the loan-financed vehicle can be transferred. This means that if the pensioner dies as a borrower during the term, the guarantor can either replace the vehicle or continue to pay the installments and then either use or sell the vehicle himself.

Caution with the residual debt insurance

Caution with the residual debt insurance

In the case of pensioners over the age of 70, it is usually no longer possible to take out residual debt insurance that covers the borrower’s death. Nevertheless, there are banks that offer retirees, if possible, a residual debt insurance as a security or make the conclusion of the RSV a condition for lending. However, pensioners should not get involved in this. The cost of residual debt insurance depends on the age of the borrower and increases with each year. The residual debt insurance for a car loan can be more expensive for pensioners than the cost of interest and fees.

Pensioners should finance through the car bank

Pensioners should finance through the car bank

Car loan from the car bank can also be a better choice for pensioners. A deposit is normally required for car loans for new cars at attractive conditions. Pensioners who not only have a good pension, but also have corresponding savings should increase the down payment and thus override any age restrictions. Hardly any car bank refuses a car loan if a down payment of 40 or 50 percent is made on the vehicle price.

Since pensioners have a lot of time, if they want to buy a new car that is to be financed, they should deal with the matter in advance and look for suitable financing options. In most cases, despite the initial apparent difficulties, an acceptable solution can be found with which even a pensioner can get a car loan.

Travel credit: what if you go far to celebrate Christmas?

And if this year, you decided to leave the greyness and the monotony of France for Christmas?

Hot and sunny or cold and exotic, many destinations are particularly suitable for end-of-year celebrations.

From Lapland to Thailand via New York, here are four ideas for destinations to celebrate Christmas away from home!

Travel credit for the occasion

A trip to Australia, Asia or even the United States is expensive. And the bill may increase depending on your program on site!

To leave with peace of mind, it is possible to take out a travel credit (form of consumer credit) to finance your Christmas holidays, the most beautiful gift for sure!

1. In New York, it’s Christmas time!

1. In New York, it

New York represents a dream destination omnipresent in the culture across the Atlantic.

For the end-of-year celebrations, the American metropolis offers a host of amenities and exotic activities.

On the program: an ice rink at the foot of the Rockefeller Center fir tree, concerts in Central Park, animated showcases on the side of Time Square… And a festive atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else!

2. In Thailand, in a t-shirt under the sun

2. In Thailand, in a t-shirt under the sun

Do you dream of swapping fir and snowman for a sandy beach and coconut palms? Direction the beaches of Southern Thailand.

Winter is the ideal time to go to Southeast Asia and celebrate the end-of-year celebrations in a new way, in the Tropics. Here, the magic of Christmas is first of all that of the illuminations, decorations and animations.

And above all, it’s hard not to succumb to this strange and pleasant feeling of spending Christmas in a t-shirt!

3. In Lapland, in the country of Santa Claus

3. In Lapland, in the country of Santa Claus

Who has never dreamed of spending the holiday season in the country of Santa Claus. It is at the end of December that the magic of Northern Europe takes on its full meaning. Visit Rovaniemi, the famous village of Santa Claus, and try out all kinds of winter activities under the northern lights. On the program: snowshoe hikes, dog sled rides, ski descents…

4. In Australia it’s Christmas in songs

4. In Australia it

Experience a Christmas like no other by flying to Australia. Like almost everywhere in the world, the Christmas tradition is deeply rooted in manners, even if it is not uncommon to celebrate the end of year celebrations in swimsuits.

We are particularly fond of Christmas carols and we traditionally enjoy a bone-in ham cooked with honey and a candied fruit pudding!

Find your consumer loan at the best rate, it’s easy and free!

Car loan – choose the best loan for you!

Are you planning to buy a new car? Are you wondering where to get money for it? With these decisions in mind, banks have introduced a special type of loan to facilitate the purchase of their dream vehicle. Car loan , because we are talking about it, is a wide financing offer that will help you meet this goal. So which one should you choose?


What is a car loan?

What is a car loan?

A car loan is a type of loan focused on the purchase or financing of a given vehicle. Therefore, the bank does not grant a general loan in the form of money for any purpose – the loan is focused on a specific expenditure. An automotive loan, contrary to appearances, does not have to be focused on buying only cars. Motorcycles, motorhomes, motor boats, caravans and even tractors fall into this category.


Types of car loans

Types of car loans

The cheapest car loan is one whose interest rate doesn’t keep us awake at night. There are currently 3 types of car loans:

  • standard car loan – monthly repayment of previously specified installments (from six months to even 10 years of repayment)
  • one-time car loan – a loan offered by car banks cooperating with a given car distributor. To use it, a down payment is required. Although it seems to be not occasional, it is worth noting that it is not interest-bearing.
  • balloon car loan – 80% of installments contain a small amount, only the last installment is the remaining value of the entire loan.


Car loan ranking

Car loan

To make car loan decisions easier, it’s a good idea to browse the market, considering all competitors’ offers. When deciding on a suitable bank that will offer us such a solution, it is worth considering the interest rate, APRC and of course the installment. Let’s take a look at the five most popular banks that can use a car loan.

For comparison – if we extend the installment period (e.g. 24 months, so twice), the installment in the case of Getin Bank changes to $ 1818. However, if we stay at 12 months, but decide to take a different amount, the installment will increase or decrease. For 30,000, it will be 2,600 USD, and for 50,000 – over 4,300 USD. In this example you can see that each, the slightest change has a real impact on the final receipt of the offer.
It is worth noting here that in the case of full calculation and calculation of installments, the Real Annual Interest Rate should be taken into account, not the interest rate itself.

Currently, companies and websites propose calculators and rankings, which browse and extract offers that meet our needs. The only thing we will need for such a ranking is the amount of loan taken and the number of installments / months to pay it back. That is why it is worth thinking about your own needs and the possibilities of their implementation.


Car loan calculator

Car loan calculator

Currently, there are free calculators on the market that will help us in choosing the right loan. To view the full offer we will need information such as the amount of the loan, the loan period in months, the price of the car and the age of the target car. Often, calculators ask us about expectations regarding interest rates or the number of installments on an annual basis. For example – by applying for a loan in the amount of $ 60,000, with an interest rate of 7% and a 4-year loan period, each installment will be over $ 1,400, giving more than 8,000 interest in total.

This method of calculation is very helpful and can actually contribute to the selection of the ideal offer. Remember, however, that this is only a hint, not a final decal, which should be interpreted uncritically.

How to apply for a difficult loan

When we talk about a difficult loan, we mean one that is difficult to obtain. What is the reason? Before the loan is granted to us, the bank is required to verify us in the Credit Information Bureau and check our financial standing. These two things most determine our creditworthiness. By creditworthiness, the bank means the ability to repay the loan. In other words, the bank verifies that we can afford the loan. Most often we talk about difficult credit in a situation where we already have previous liabilities, we do not have fixed income, we do not pay earlier obligations on time, etc. One of the popular difficult loans is a consolidation loan.


A consolidation loan

A consolidation loan

The consolidation loan is, as the name suggests, to consolidate our previous commitments. The main assumption of the consolidation loan is to reduce the monthly installment amount by extending the loan period. In this way, instead of many different loans and several installments to be repaid at the same time, we can have one loan and one installment. A consolidation loan is also a chance to harmonize the terms of the loan. Thanks to this, we will have a chance to negotiate the terms again, because we are actually taking out a new loan, which aims to pay off earlier obligations. In their place there will be one liability in the form of a consolidation loan. It’s a chance to get out of debt. In addition, we will not generate additional costs in the form of interest on late repayment of installments that are not small. This way, we will not spoil your credit history at BIK, which may mean that we will not receive a loan in the future.


How to apply for a difficult loan

How to apply for a difficult loan

As we said above, a difficult loan is one that is difficult to obtain. It is said by itself that it is not worth doing it alone. Especially when we don’t really know much about finances and banking products. Before we decide on the final decision and send the application to the bank, it is worth going or calling the company dealing with assistance to indebted persons. Remember that already three applications for a loan rejected by the bank may mean that we will not get a loan anywhere. So let’s consciously send every request. A company dealing with help for indebted people is an ideal solution for many reasons. One of them is the fact that a professional loan broker can negotiate the loan terms with the decision maker in the bank. In this way, we have a chance for a banking product not available in a bank branch. This significantly increases our chances of a difficult loan. Time is also important. When you have a problem, do not wait and contact a loan broker. The sooner the greater the chance of success.

Is loan refinancing profitable:How refinancing works?

A refinancing loan is a chance for all credit holders to reduce its costs.


How it’s possible?

loan refinancing

The market of banking products is changing day by day. Very dynamic development causes that also the prices of loans are constantly changing. As we know well, we have to pay for it when borrowing money. So we give up more than we borrow, and a large part of this sum is just the cost of borrowing such as interest rate, commission or insurance. It will also not be difficult to find a loan cheaper than the one you took several years earlier. And no wonder. However, not all of us know that the adventure with credit does not end with signing a loan agreement.

While we are well aware that you should search the available options well to find the best loan offer, we do not realize that we can also improve our situation in the course of repayment of the current liability. This is especially important for people with long-term loans, when after several years of repayment, the situation on the financial products market may change radically.


How refinancing works

How refinancing works

Refinancing is the opportunity to exchange your current liability for cheaper and easier repayment. This is possible thanks to the change of creditor. In practice, it looks like we are taking a whole new loan for a refinancing agreement . With the capital raised in this way, we repay current liabilities, and we have a new lower installment to pay with a new creditor.


Is refinancing a loan worthwhile?

Is refinancing a loan worthwhile?

However, before we decide on a refinancing loan, we should know that it is also a liability for which we will have to pay. In addition, you should carefully analyze how much the additional costs of such a change will cost us. It may turn out that the refinancing costs are so high that, despite the much more favorable offer in the form of a new loan, it will still not be profitable for us. So if our only goal is to reduce the monthly installment, we should keep this in mind.

On the other hand, if we are in a financial hole and our financial situation can be saved only by reducing the installment, refinancing the loan may be the only option. Then the cost of changing the commitment to a new one will not play a key role. It will still be a better solution to incur costs associated with the change of creditor, than generating interest on late repayment and the consequences associated with it, which can determine that in the future we will have significant problems with incurring liabilities at any bank.

Credit Union Loan Cheap Credit Solution

How to get a credit union loan ? Just be associated, member or cooperative. The demand for credit has grown, the market offers several options for the citizen to obtain loan and credit in alternative ways to traditional banks and financial.

Credit unions are among the opportunities to have available credit, in addition to being able to “get loans with differentiated conditions”.


The credit cooperative loan for those who want to borrow money, does not differ from the request in a conventional financial institution, the biggest difference is in the collection and distribution of credit, while in the bank or financial you need to be a client for certain modalities, others do not need , in the Credit Cooperative the applicant necessarily needs an associate or member in order to have access to the lines of credit, products and services available.

As a member of a credit union, banking and financial products are available for use within the rules and guidelines established by the entity. To be a member of a credit union you must qualify specifically, even if you are not a member of any class, it is still possible to become a member.

Cooperative Requirements

Credit unions require members or members to have specific prerequisites for entry, for example an Agricultural Credit Cooperative may require the new member to be a local rural farmer or producer, a Retirees and Pensioners Cooperative, may require the new members to be retired by the INSS or private companies.

Cooperative Loan


In this sea Credit unions taxi drivers, civil servants, teachers, freelancers, bakers, construction workers, dentists and all kinds of professional and segments are in credit unions advantageous options to get credit, loans and banking.

And when the person does not belong to any specific class? If you do not meet the minimum requirements of a cooperative, there are other ways to be a member, the nomination by a cooperative of the credit union you wish to attend already resolves the situation. As long as you are nominated by an associate, member, or co-worker, you can become a member as simple as that.

Benefits of Cooperatives

The people who discovered the benefits of the Cooperatives, use them for very competitive differences, the rates are much lower than in banks and financial markets, the services are personalized. Getting loan from Cooperative credit comes out much cheaper than any retail bank, car and real estate financing also have special interest rates.

Credit unions are designed to be non-profit, so they have much more flexibility to use the money from profits to reduce interest rates on loans, financing and increase interest rate gains on savings accounts. All members and members of Cooperatives receive the same benefits.

How to obtain Loan in credit unions?

How to obtain Loan in credit unions?

For those who want to get a cheap and uncomplicated loan , just visit the branch of a credit union and join. Just like financial institutions, Cooperatives offer a vast amount of lines of personal loans and for buying vehicles, mortgage loans, real estate loans and also all kinds of credit cards.

For some people getting a personal loan can be a stressful task, it should not be so, credit unions understand that “who lends, needs to lend money” if you need to borrow money, in a cooperative will not find problems for this .

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Loans for doctors – are they on preferential terms?

It is no secret that certain professional groups are perceived by banks as more credible and less risky. Simplified procedures and preferential financing conditions may include, among others, doctors. We checked who offers special offers for medics.

Privileges and bonuses for various professional groups have been in place for many years. In the times of the Polish People’s Republic, the railwaymen had free train journeys and their own health services. Miners used carbon deposits and shopped in special stores, to which “the pass” was a “mining book”. Representatives of other professions used various allowances or increased food allowances for cards.

With the fall of communism, privileges for certain professional groups took a slightly different form. Most of them are not defined by generally available legal regulations, but internal regulations of various institutions and companies. The leading among them is the car manufacturers that grant preferential terms of vehicle purchase and financial institutions offering more attractive credit conditions to representatives of some professions.


Representatives of free professions

Representatives of free professions

Such “gifts” can be counted primarily by representatives of the so-called free professions (eg artists, lawyers, architects, doctors, veterinarians, psychologists, accountants, surveyors). Significantly less preferential terms of purchase or credit are offered to journalists, clerics, employees of state or local administration, employees of uniformed services (eg policemen, professional soldiers), teachers or employees in the financial sector.

Where does this “love” come from to representatives of selected professions? Well, from the fact that in the area of ​​personal accounts, competition is so great that it is difficult to win new customers. Big opportunities are for this in the field of credit offers. Therefore, the struggle for the “best” clients, ie those who have some income or because of the “public trust” professions, will rather not avoid timely payment of their obligations. With the rest, many years of experience of banks in servicing this type of clients confirm that they are characterized by significantly lower credit risk.


Percent here, percent there

What do these preferences concern? In general, it is a 1-2 percent discount when buying a new car, a 1-2% reduction in bank commission or a lower interest rate on the loan. It happens that banks have lower requirements for selected professional groups, as regards security (eg from employees in the broadly understood budget sphere they do not expect insurance in the event of job loss), offer longer “credit holidays” or a savings and billing account at no charge.

The rule is that representatives of the jobs preferred by the bank do not have to provide a lot of documents confirming their income. Their loan applications are considered under the simplified procedure and it is enough to present a personal ID document proving employment in a specific industry (in the case of a freelance profession a diploma confirming certain qualifications or a right to practice) is expected and a declaration of income is submitted.


Preferences for medics

Preferences for medics

Among the professional groups that can count on preferential credit conditions are also doctors, nurses, midwives and representatives of other medical professions. Those who perform this profession are perceived as reliable, conscientious and responsible people, and this translates into lower credit risk for the lender.

Interestingly, when determining preferential crediting conditions for medics, it does not matter whether they are employed under a contract of employment (employment), contract or run their own medical office. Doctors conducting business or being shareholders of companies dealing in medical activities, can count not only on “ordinary” cash loan, but also investment loan for equipment or modernization of the cabinet, purchase of necessary equipment and medical equipment.


Special offers

medical loan

Banks do not boast too much about their “privileged” offers. We managed to find only a few institutions that directly communicate their proposals for loans to doctors on preferential terms. Here they are:

  • Wise Bank offers doctors a loan of up to 500,000 USD, ensuring minimum formalities and the possibility of withdrawing funds even on the day of submitting the loan application.
  • Letin Bank has prepared a special offer for doctors and dentists who have been operating for at least 24 months. I am offering them a Loan for Free Professions up to 300,000 USD, without collateral in kind repaid over 60 months or a credit in the current account granted for a period of 12 months (with the possibility of extension). The bank guarantees that there are no fees for processing the application, minimum formalities and making a credit decision within 24 hours.
  • SecureSavings Bank has prepared an offer for business clients from the medical sector (including doctors, dentists, private clinics, Non-Public Health Care Facilities). They can get up to 500,000 USD of loan granted without property security and guarantors. The loan has the form of a “credit limit”. Receipts to the loan account reduce the debt and the loan can be re-used.
  • The HiFinance brand, part of the BFF Banking Group, will gladly lend doctors up to 300,000 USD for any purpose related to their business. It offers a minimum of formalities, no guarantors and additional fees, security or services. He also offers free advice from an expert who will help in choosing the most favorable form of financing for the planned project.

Converting a car to gas – what is the cost, what should you pay attention to and does it pay off?

Savings – who doesn’t like them? It is worth saving and optimizing costs wherever possible, also when traveling or commuting. For this reason, cars with gas installations are very popular in Poland.

A glance at prices at gas stations is enough to quickly find out that gas is cheaper than gasoline by up to 50-60%. What should you know before you decide to install LPG in your car?

What do you need to watch out for when converting your car to gas?

What do you need to watch out for when converting your car to gas?

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about converting a car to gas. There are fierce discussions on Internet forums about whether any car can be converted to gas. Opinions on this topic are divided. There are many arguments for the fact that not all makes or models of cars can install LPG installations.

Therefore, if we want our car to be equipped with a gas installation, we should think about it before buying it. Some motors require complicated assembly and appropriate type of installation. This, in turn, can directly translate into assembly costs. In practice, it may turn out that the gas installation in a given car model is practically unprofitable or will pay off only after a long time of using the car.

Car conversion to gas only in a professional service

Car conversion to gas only in a professional service

Before we decide to install a gas system in our car, we should pay attention to several important issues. First of all, choose the right company that deals with the assembly of LPG installations and which will competently advise you on what type of installation to buy.

Secondly, get an idea of ​​what the servicing of the LPG system we choose looks like.
There are many companies on the market that deal with the installation of gas installations in cars. Unfortunately, not all workshops do it professionally.

Therefore, before choosing a company that will perform the installation of LPG in our car, it is worth to know the opinions about it. Usually we find them on the workshop profiles on social networks.

Car servicing with LPG installation

Car servicing with LPG installation

A car with a gas installation should undergo technical inspection every year. For a car inspection with an LPG system you should pay a little more than for a car without such an installation. Each new gas installation must be registered in the communications department. It also generates additional costs.

Drivers must remember that on average every 10-15 thousand kilometers they should change the gas filter and check the tightness of the entire installation in the workshop. After covering 60,000 kilometers, it is necessary to check the injectors, and after 100,000 kilometers driven it is necessary to replace the reducer and the injection rail. In addition, the approval of the gas cylinder itself is valid for 10 years.

It is true that it can be extended for another 10 years. However, it is usually recommended to replace the old cylinder with a new one.
Gas car – the pros and cons of LPG installations in cars
Everything has its pros and cons. It is no different in the case of gas installations in cars.

Below are the basic advantages of LPG installations in cars:

  • due to high octane power it causes lower exhaust emissions compared to other types of fuels,
  • there is no harmful sulfur in the gas,
  • does not produce soot during combustion,
  • does not produce deposits that can contaminate engine oil,
  • great travel saving,
  • quieter engine operation.

Here is a list of the most frequently mentioned defects in cars with gas installation:

  • ignition of gas requires more energy,
  • risk of flashback to the collector, which may cause its failure,
  • risk of burning valve seats,
  • higher LPG consumption compared to gasoline by about 15-25%,
  • cylinder approval is 10 years,
  • the need to pay for gas cylinder legalization,
  • risk of limiting the trunk volume of the car – often the gas cylinder must be installed in the trunk,
  • restrictions on parking in underground car parks,
  • more expensive registration reviews.

At first glance, there appear to be more disadvantages than advantages. However, after a deeper analysis, it can be concluded that the pros and cons outweigh the cons.